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Welcome to Adapt or Die.  (18+ Adult guild)

Raiding 7 days a week with no attendance commitment but running EPGP to keep track of people who put the effort into the guild.

We are ideally looking for fun loving / crazy / intelligent / funny as f**k people as guild is pretty out there for fun & games with a great focus during raids.

We aim to start with 10 man progression - these premium players would be ideally long term players or very hard working (doing homework on bosses and being able to adapt to fights fast)

After the progression group, we are looking for people to fill the subsequent groups of 10 chasing the progression groups.

We assemble on vent at 8pm servertime for sorting groups and raiding at 8:30pm server time till 23:00.  Daytime raiding will also happen once numbers are up at 1pm Server time.  We expect people to be repaired/geared/gemmed/ready at 8pm.

We also have large social player base for instances and light raiding.

Long term plan outline:-

A progression guild with retro content on farm for achievements!

If you'd like to 'try out', feel free to apply in our Forum (create a user for this site first to be able to post and see forum threads- top quality applications get top quality spots, with social place available for members who might in the future get into the hardcore grind.

If you are already geared and experienced - you will be fast tracked into main teams after a brief head check. 

Social / General Rules

  • No gold lending
  • No begging or player harassment via whispers
  • Be civil & please don't spam guild chat with nonsense
  • If you have a problem with player, please report to a senior rank
  • No boosts / asking for boosts / stress! - pick on players your own level!
  • Players flaming/trolling in guild will be kicked until they sort it out between themselves. 
  • Please try to be patient when pugging - emo quits do the guild no favours.

Server Status
European: The Sha'tar (RP)
Recruiting all classes, patience, adult temperament & positive outlook required. We are currently looking for class officers, a guild pitbull and fine people from all walks of life.
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